Beginner's Private Letterpress Class

Beginner's Private Letterpress Class

from 500.00

For absolute beginners who want learn more about letterpress.

If you want to learn more about letterpress, join me for a tailored private class for up to two people.

Using the same machines and covering the same material as the group Introduction to Letterpress class, this private session is tailored to how and why you want to learn about letterpress. Beginning with the Adana desktop, we will move up through the presses to learn processes like typesetting, registration, ink mixing, overprinting and even forme-cutting. If you choose the full day class, we will cover poster printing on the flat bed press.

You will have the opportunity to provide pre-designed artwork that can be printed in class and taken home with you.

Course fee covers all materials.
Full day classes (9am - 5pm) include lunch and refreshments.
Half day classes (9am - 1pm or 1pm - 5pm) include refreshments.

Located in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, this class runs on any mutually agreeable Saturday.

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