Cards Against Domestic Violence

Cards Against Domestic Violence

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Cards Agains Domestic Violence

A collaboration with JOY Sydney, Domestic Violence NSW and 5 of Australia's best lettering artists.

For 1 in 3 Australian women, the messages on these cards are not a metaphor. They have experienced physical violence at the hands of someone they know.

In collaboration with lettering artists Carla Hackett, Kate Pullen, Eliza Svikulis, Magda Ksiezak and Lyn Tran, I am honoured to be the print sponsor for this project. All stock has been kindly donated by KW Doggett, and all artists (including myself) have donated their time to this worthy cause.

Cards also available at Magnation.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will be given to Domestic Violence NSW, helping to end violence against women. With Valentines Day as a keen reminder, these cards are designed to bring home the message that violence against women is something we should not ignore or minimise.

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