I Love You Card

I Love You Card


Not-that-kind-of-Valentines Cards by Eliza Svikulis

I Love You

As part of the Ladies of Letters 'Flourish Together' project, we invited Melbourne letterer Eliza Svikulis to create a series of 4 greeting cards based on a singular theme.

Given the theme 'Love', Eliza created 4 intricately detailed letterpress cards that celebrate love in all its weird and crazy incarnations; old-fashioned, cheesy, cutesy and downright dirty.

With it's gratuitous gothic flourish, this card is old-fashioned love... with a modern twist.

2 colour letterpress printed in Melbourne on 354gsm premium card, complete with kraft envelope and cello wrapped.

Can't decide (between cards and/or lovers?) Go on and buy the Playas Pack of 4.

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